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Easter Fun

We enjoyed making out Easter cards in class for our family and friends. We also enjoyed taking part in KS2’s design an egg competition. Emily and Elena won with their imaginative Harry Potter Castle and Romeo and Juliet.

Mamma Mia

As part of our topic Mamma Mia, we have been learning about Italy. We decided to cook some pasta as we learnt this is one of the main foods in Italy. We linked this to our work on healthy eating and made a healthy tuna pasta salad.

Violin Concert

This Spring term year 4 have all been learning how to play the violin. We put on a concert to our parents to show them what we have learnt. We hope you enjoy it too!


We have been looking at the work people have to do in order for us to get bananas in England. We looked at the banana story of how they are grown, looked after and shipped to us. Also we looked at the importance of Fairtrade by acting out what work each person did and how they felt.

Easter Bonnet Parade

The children all looked amazing wearing their Easter bonnet hats. Well done to everyone for taking part!

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