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Remote Learning Reception

Please find activities below for Reception children to complete whilst school is closed. These will be updated regularly. If you would like any additional activities, please see the useful website link below. We would particularly like to draw your attention to Oxford Owl and Chatta Club.

Friday 22nd May

Hi Reception,

It’s our last day of the half term today! Nexr week, we will not be adding any work so enjoy the break!

Today I have put up the story, Oi Dog, which is written by the same person who wrote one of our class favourites, Oi Frog. In maths, I have added another halving worksheet for you to have a go at. Remember, you don’t need to print it, simply copy and write your answers on another sheet.

Have a great day and a lovely week off!

Keep safe and well.

Mrs Clayton


Set 1 sound 'd' Set 2 sound 'ir'

Follow the link above to the daily RWI phonics lessons on YouTube. The lessons for each set have now been grouped so it is easy to see which lessons you need to watch. Most children should now be secure with their set 1 sounds but the digraphs (two letters, one sound) in this set are more difficult e.g. sh, ch, th, qu. Watch out for these lessons.


Have a look at today’s worksheet. You can copy out the questions and write the answers on a piece of paper if you can’t print it out.

Oi Dog!

Today’s story is Oi Dog. This is part of a series of books written by Kes and Claire Gray. We love to read ‘Oi Frog’ in class so I am sure they will love this one too!

Weekly Work

Letters e, s and f

This week, continue to work on the letters that curl round like a caterpillar. Click on the Handwriting button above to watch how to form these letters correctly. The letters e,s and f are on page 3 of this Handwriting Families Sheet 

Green and Red Words

The words in this list above are coloured green for those words that can be decoded and red for the tricky words. Try to practise reading these words by sight to build up fluency. Use one list at a time and only move on when your child can confidently say the word. Ideas for sight word games will be added to Tapestry.

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