Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

Our teacher is Miss Taylor and our teaching assistant is Mrs Allat. We hope that the children have a fantastic year of learning with us!

On this page you can find our curriculum overview for the year, our recent newsletter and homework sheet. You can also see lots of pictures of the fun activities we take part in!

Your child will receive weekly spelling and maths homework, along with topic homework every half term. Maths homework is sent out on a Friday and is to be returned the following Friday. We ask that children are reading at least one page of their book every night, more if possible! Just reading one page every night will be a huge benefit to their reading.

Miss N Taylor

Miss N Taylor

Class Teacher

Mrs R Allatt

Mrs R Allatt

Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Ahmed

Mrs S Ahmed

Teaching Assistant

Class Blog

Cave Paintings

In Topic, we studied the cave paintings like the paintings found in Lascaux, France. We then tried to create our own cave paintings depicting life in the Stone Age. It was great fun!

Stonehenge Silhouettes

In Topic this term we are learning all about The Stone Age. We studied the prehistoric Stonehenge monument and then produced our own version in Art. We used different shades of paint to create the fading effect and black card to create the silhouette. Don't they look...

3D shapes

In Numeracy, we have been learning all about 3D shapes and their properties. We even made our own 3D shap es out of art straws and interlocking 2D shapes. They were fantastic!

Fossil Hunters

In science this term we are learning about different rocks and fossils. We have learnt all about the different types of rocks and how fossils form over millions of years. We then made our own fossils and excavated them like real paleontologists!

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