Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

Our teacher is Ms Khalid, and the teaching assistant is Mr Coward.

We hope the children have a wonderful year of learning with us here in year 4. We do lots of fantastic and engaging topics such as Ancient Egyptians, Rochdale Pioneers and Knights, Castles and Dragons.

In year 4 we want all children to try their best in everything they do.

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Mrs S Khalid

Mrs S Khalid

Class Teacher

Mr B Coward

Mr B Coward

Teaching Assistant

Class Blog

Paragraph Hunting

In literacy to help improve our writing we have been looking at different texts and identifying the correct position for where we would put paragraphs.

Ancient Egypt – Seega

We looked at a game Ancient Egyptians played called Seega. It is like noughts and crosses where you need to match 3 in a row to win. To play you have to move your counters on the board 1 or 2 places in any direction except over an opponents piece.
Think you could win? Ask anyone in Year 4 to play and see if you can beat us!

Ancient Egypt – Canopic Jars

We made our own Canopic Jars using clay. The clay was tough to roll but once it was flat we shaped it to make the jars. Also we made the lids for them with different animal Gods them from Ancient Egyptian times.

Ancient Egypt – Process of Mummification

We have been looking at how the Ancient Egyptians prepared their dead for their journey to the afterlife.
We followed the same steps that they did thousands of years ago. First we washed the body and then took out the body’s brain through their nose with a metal hook. Next we removed the organs and placed them in canopic jars. We couldn’t wait 40 days to keep the body in salt to dry out so we skipped that bit…. But we did manage to dress the body up by putting make up on it. Finally we wrapped the body up to look like a real mummy.

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