Values & Ethos

Mission Statement

All Saints’ is a welcoming school community which aims to engage the full potential of all its pupils.  Within a framework of Christian teaching, the values of love, truthfulness and forgiveness underpin all that we do at All Saints’.  Our aim is to develop confident, capable and caring children.

Statement of School Aims

At All Saints’; we strive to help pupils:

  • Develop as loving, truthful and forgiving people
  • Achieve their educational potential
  • Be well prepared for the next stage of their education
  • Grow in confidence to meet new challenges and value learning.
  • Be happy and enjoy their time at school.
  • To develop the capacity to sustain positive relationships and willingness to contribute to our culturally diverse society

The aims will be reflected in activities and experiences that:-

  • Provide a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum that is engaging and exciting.
  • Broaden their horizons to new possibilities
  • Promote development of cultural capital
  • Ensure positive attitudes towards cultural diversity and adopt positive strategies to promote equal opportunities for all
  • Ensure access to the curriculum for those with special educational needs
  • Establish links between home and school life
  • Use feedback and interactive learning to develop pupils learning

The values are also reflected in our school rules:  

  • We do what we are asked to do by school staff and co-operate with others in our school.
  • We listen and choose our words carefully to show respect for others.
  • We have safe hands and feet so that we don’t hurt other people.
  • We look after our school so that we have the best place to learn.
  • We try our best to work hard and take responsibility for our learning so that we are proud of our achievements.
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